Kylie, Coburg local


I love to travel and I’ve seen the impact of infectious disease

Kylie’s Story

“I’ve worked and travelled in countries where the health system is struggling to manage vaccine preventable diseases like measles, pneumococcal disease and hepatitis B.

I’m so privileged that I live in a country where I don’t have to worry my kids getting these terrible illnesses, and that’s thanks to consistent uptake of vaccination for many years. The kids’ father is from Kenya and he’s seen exactly what it’s like to live somewhere where vaccination isn’t as comprehensive as it is in Australia.

But these diseases still exist and if we let our guard down they are likely to come back in a big way. That’s why herd immunity is so important – if we have enough people vaccinated then the diseases don’t have a way in to get established in the community.

Herd immunity is really about community and around here community is still really important. Some people can’t be immunised so it’s up to rest of us to protect them by getting ourselves and our families immunised. “

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