Kristi, Brunswick local


I feel it is important to speak up and raise issues that will undoubtedly affect the world that our children will inherit.

Kristi’s Story

I’m mum to a beautiful eight month old boy. My biggest focus right now is undoubtedly my son and making sure I am doing the best possible job as a mother to raise him. It is amazing how everything is put into perspective once you have children.

Things that you once thought were important suddenly become shadows in the background compared to the life and wellbeing of this tiny person who relies on you completely to look out for them. I love nature and the great outdoors and enjoy camping, gardening and yoga. I feel that it is important that everyone live in a community where they can feel safe and share common values and beliefs with their neighbours.

I value a close and open community with core beliefs of sustainability and compassion – a place where children can grow up together and have a sense of freedom without fear. I feel it is important to speak up and raise issues that will undoubtedly affect the world that our children will inherit. Global warming, sustainability, equal rights and government budget cuts are all things that matter to me.

There is so much I still have to learn. I feel it is my duty to continue my growth and development so that I can pass this onto my son, and teach him that he must never stop caring about and being interested in the world around him. I want him to learn that he must be an active participant and stand up for what he believes in. I am a big believer in, and user of, natural medicine. I strongly believe that it was my use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture that helped me to conceive my son. I feel that both modern and natural medicine have a place and can work side by side. I understand that there is a small risk of side effects with any immunisation, but the overwhelming positive benefit for my son’s health is what made me choose to immunise.

As a child I was immunised, and I knew that when I came to have children of my own that I would immunise them too. This was never a question in my mind. It is my duty as a parent to do whatever I can to protect my child and the children in my community from the diseases that modern medicine has helped drive from the developed world.

Why should we now turn our backs on this achievement and risk disease returning to our communities?

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