Joe, Werribee GP


I treat vaccine preventable diseases

Joe’s Story

‘I started as a GP in Werribee back in February 1988 and have always worked to vaccinate as many of my patients as possible. In that 28 years I’ve seen some vaccine preventable diseases virtually disappear – I haven’t seen a case of mumps since the early days and more recently the amount of chickenpox we are seeing is dropping dramatically.

Because of that we are now seeing less really sick adults with chickenpox, which is really important because many adults who get chickenpox end up being hospitalised.

I remember a few years ago one poor dad had to be excluded from his wife giving birth to their baby because he had chickenpox – newborn babies can die from chickenpox.

That’s why it’s really disappointing that some people will believe what their friend tells them or what they read on some blog somewhere about vaccination, but they won’t listen to evidence.

A lot people say these are only mild illness. That might be the case for the majority but there is a significant minority that get quite unwell with some of these childhood illnesses and end up being hospitalised.

We’ve got two girls and we’ve always made sure they are fully immunised – in fact we’ve just ticked off the forms for my oldest daughter to have all her next lot of vaccines done at high school.’

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