Jayne & Brad, Macedon Ranges locals

Jayne & Brad

We volunteer in our community and we immunise

Jayne & Brad’s story

“We love our local community and are always helping out and volunteering with one thing or another. But one of the most important things we do for our community is to immunise our child.

Immunisation doesn’t just protect our child from infectious diseases – it protects all the other children and families we know, especially those who aren’t able to get immunised. We don’t want to be responsible for anyone else getting sick.

Look 100 years ago and the diseases they had to deal with then, like smallpox, polio and huge outbreaks of measles. The reason we don’t have those diseases now is because previous generations diligently vaccinated.

We understand that any risk at all for your child is scary. But you face risks every moment of your life and the science is clear – the risk of vaccinating your child is far, far smaller than the risk posed by the diseases vaccination prevents.

We get really concerned when we hear about people who are against immunisation, because it seems like we are moving to a society where science isn’t respected anymore. Blog posts by anti-vaxxers are treated the same as proper, peer reviewed studies published in respected journals, and that’s just not right.

In the end we just think immunisation is part of having children and being part of your community.”

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