Emily, Glenroy local


I see immunisation as part of my social responsibility

Emily’s Story

Our family is very focused on leading a sustainable lifestyle. We do as much of our shopping as possible at our local farmers market, trying to keep ‘food miles’ to a minimum. We avoid meat if we are unsure of its origin – we like to know the animals we eat haven’t suffered unnecessarily. We recycle everything. I am currently making little dribble bibs from retro materials.

Of course, climate change is a huge concern to us. Our decision to have a child was not made lightly. We were also highly conscious of the over-population of the planet and the pressure that each new human places on its resources. We feel that if we try to live sustainably and bring our daughter up to have respect for the environment, she will pay it forward in her time.

Family and friends sometimes influence decisions about things like immunisation. But I have a science background and wanted to make a truly informed decision…so I did my research. I read lots of papers and studies and eventually came to the conclusion that immunising our daughter was not only in her best interest, but also our social responsibility. The research helped us develop a greater appreciation of the science behind vaccines. We found that those who opposed vaccines were only able to provide anecdotal evidence, with little scientific support for their beliefs.

We love art, travel, good food, music and conservation. Right now, we are focusing on creating a loving and healthy environment for our daughter so she can learn to appreciate these things, too. One of the many things we look forward to doing with our daughter is introducing her to different countries and cultures. We believe it is important to be able to experience new countries fully without fear of becoming ill with a preventable disease.

Our daughter is now 8 months old, and she is on schedule with her immunisations. Ultimately our decision to immunise is about giving her the best start in life, to ensure she is happy, healthy, and able to interact safely with the world around her.

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