Why immunise?

Immunisation protects people of all ages against serious and harmful infections. Immunisation uses the body’s defence mechanism to build resistance to specific infections.

When many people are vaccinated there is less opportunity for the spread of diseases, such as diphtheria, tetanus, measles and polio. Even in our community today, when most people are immunised there is still the risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases. We are working towards a vaccination rate of 95% of our population. This immunisation rate is recommended to help everyone stay healthy.

Immunise Australia Program

Australian Immunisation Register

What is herd immunity?

Immunisation also plays a role in protecting individuals who are not immunised, through the concept of ‘herd immunity’. Immunisation coverage needs to exceed 90% in order to achieve and maintain the level of herd immunity needed to interrupt the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Vaccinating on time

Vaccinating on time is important. The National Immunisation Program Schedule outlines the vaccines that your child needs and the age at which each vaccine should be given. Late vaccinations provide a window for possible infection and there are some vaccines, such as Rota Virus, must be given within a strict time frame, or cannot be given at all.

Visit the Victorian Immunisation Schedule 


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VaxOnTime has been developed by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services to help remind parents and carers in Victoria when immunisation for their children is due. This free app is available on iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones. For more information visit the Better Health Channel.

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